Wednesday, February 5, 2014

February 3, 2014

I have learned so much in this last week. A week full of faith, love, hope, and determination to serve the Lord. I am so grateful for the experiences that I have had this week and the blessings that the Lord has placed in my life. 

It is always a learning experience to learn about how to become more like our Heavenly Father. This week was a week of dedicating my life, my love and my hard work to all of the work and glory of the Lord.  Dedication is not just about working hard, but it is also about working effectively and efficiently. You can only give so much of yourself as you are willing to give...and it is required of us to give all of ourselves. You learn about the fear and trials that you have are only but a "blimp" in the scene of this life and we must press forward with a strong determination to give all we can...not through our own efforts, but through the power and guidance of our Heavenly Father. We had a wonderful meeting with all the leaders in the mission and we talked a lot about the power that we need to be relying on. We learned a lot about our responsibilities to stand as a witness to all and to become a strong witness of the truth...but to be humble enough to rely on the Lord and always give space for the Lord. I have learned that it is important to step up to our responsibilities and fulfill the things of the Lord...not for our own benefit, but for the blessings that will be poured upon our fellow brothers and sisters. And to see the fruits of all the hard work that you give...turning into miracles. We have a young man who we have been teaching and it has been a long course of trying to get him to attend church and read the Book of Mormon...but in our experiences yesterday, we have seen his heart change and his desire has become centered on the Lord. He wrote us a wonderful text about the inspiration we have been in his life along with the things that he has been reading in the  Book of Mormon. The Lord does hear and answer prayers and he softens the hearts of those that you love and cherish. And to then have a investigator work with you, in order to "share" the gospel and it's blessings, builds your testimony when you see her determination to carry on through the end. And then to speak to a new investigator who understands your message and feels the Spirit strong enough to accept a baptismal date. I have been inspired to become better because of the people that I serve here and the love that they have for me and the Lord. I have become determined and inspired to become what the Lord expects me to be because of the inspiration and miracles that He so graciously gives to me everyday.

But just as there is time for work there is enough time to take a picture of what it looks like when you are working in the vineyard of the Lord...your feet become something that would call "burnt". But it is all worth it :) 
I know that this is the work of the Lord and there are great blessings that are awaiting us, if only we will seek to learn what it is that the Lord is expecting of us and what our potential is. I know that the Lord has the power to change us through our faith, desire and diligence to become a son or daughter of our Heavenly Father. This is my greatest joy to be able to share this wonderful news with my fellow brothers and sisters. My work has inspired me to change, as I strive to help others to change. And I pray that my life may be filled with this desire until I shall be perfected in the presence of my Lord (sun burned feet and all).
Sister Pace
Philippines Legazpi Mission
Alma 42: 31

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