Sunday, February 9, 2014

February 10, 2014

This week was a really great week filled with opportunities to learn about the people and what the gospel does to change a person. We have a good turn out with our investigators last week and extending baptismal dates to them...however time must take it toll and you may not see them for a week. It is hard sometimes when you are trying your best and things just don't seen to work out...but I am understanding the role of these things in our experiences in this life. It is so important for us to use the time here to use these experiences for our benefit. 
We have two investigators that will be baptized this Saturday and we are all so very excited....especially the investigators. I am hoping that we can continue to help them and strengthen them in their efforts to follow the Savior. The work as a missionary always opens doors for you and tends to open your eyes to the things that can overcome a family or an individual and cause some to loose faith in the things that you are teaching them. I hope that I will continue to be an effective tool to bless the lives of those here. 
We had a lesson with one of our investigators, who is a lesbian. She is such a wonderful person and we have enjoyed sharing the gospel with her. She loves to hear about the things that the Lord has planned for her and how she can reach it. We have enjoyed sharing lessons with her, but as we shared about the plan of salvation, we found that it is hard to change a person. She may still like females, but she knows what is wrong and right. She wants to change her life, but knows that she can not do it all at once. When we were teaching this lesson I really was able to see that she is a daughter of our Heavenly Father and she will be able to stand before the Lord...hopefully one day to be worthy to enter back into His presence. I love the knowledge that we have through this gospel.
We had a wonderful FHE with a member family, whose father is not a member. It has been many years that he has attended church, but has not really desired to join the church himself. We shared a beautiful lesson about family unity...and the spirit was so strong. I was so grateful that we had the chance to go there and share with them, because through the miracles of the Lord...maybe he will become a member someday. I am so grateful for the knowledge of eternal families and the principles that can bring us together to overcome our differences and share mutual love and understanding in all that we encounter in this life. The family was so great and participated so well in all that we shared...we are excited to see what is going to happen in the next chapter :)
Sunday started out as a good day...well...because Sister Pace got locked inside the bathroom for 15 minutes. Despite the fact that I removed the door handle and everything else I could possibly remove without breaking the hope....but the other sisters finally got the owner and they broke the door. Just another adventure to add to the week ;) 
This week will be a great one as we start another transfer here in Daraga with a new companion. I am excited and I know that the Lord has great plans in store.
Hope that you all have a great week and seek to do good to those around you :)

Sister Pace
Philippines Legazpi Mission
Alma 42: 31


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