Monday, February 24, 2014

February 24, 2014's what's for dinner...
What a week!!  There was so much that I learned know...EVERYTHING! We had a really great week set ahead for us as we planned for exchanges and also for a goal to reach the mission standard. And it went really good for us....but I realized so much more, how hard it is to accomplish the work of the Lord, in His way. We started acting in faith to find people, after our day of preparation. Tracting at night is not the easiest to do when no one can see you...or they are too busy to answer the door. But we put ourselves out there...and you know....two white sisters can really stick out in the dark. But we found ourselves finding tender mercies along the way and we continued to do all we could. We started with exchanges with the Sisters in our apartment. In the end it was a lesson of attitude. I have learned so much about attitude this week and the power that it has on all you do...not just the thoughts you have, but on your actions and your beliefs. I know that as we have a good attitude about the things that the Lord commands, we will have a better understanding of ourselves, as children of God. My companion and I had made the goal to reach the standard of excellence for the mission, but if neither of us had the right attitude to reach it, it would have been a difficult thing for us to accomplish. We had many of the other missionaries in our district mock us...but I realized that I wanted to prove them wrong....not to receive the praise of them...but to receive the praise of the Lord, for accomplishing His work, through His way. It was amazing to see how the Lord worked beside us in so many instances and gave us the knowledge, the strength and understanding to find, teach and strengthen those He placed in our path. Our motive became two sayings--" kaya mo iyan!" ( You can do it!) and "I can feel it in my bones"...and in the end...we had miracles and tender mercies in our work everyday. and we reached beyond our standard of excellence. I know that there is so much that be accomplished in this world, only if we will rely on the Lord and turn our heart and might to Him. I am learning so much about the gospel and our reliance on is the blood that runs through us and keeps us alive. And I am realizing more and more that it becomes hard to write things down in words...for it is much more on feelings. I know with all my heart that this church is true. I know that as we build our attitude on the knowledge that we are children of our Heavenly Father, nothing else will be able to fight against us... I know this because I have felt the redeeming power of the Lord in my life. And I know that the Lord lives, because I have felt His presence at my side as I have turned to Him at all moments and come unto Him as a little child. I hope that we can each develop an "kaya mo iyan" attitude....because that's what's for dinner :)

Sister Pace
Philippines Legazpi Mission
Alma 42: 31

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