Monday, March 3, 2014

March 3, 2014

Kumusta sa lahat!
You never know how fast the week goes until you are already through it. I feel like we have just started this transfer and now we are already half way through it. But how fruitful and wonderful it has been. We have really seen the power of God in His work as we have worked through the "thick" and "thin" of things...and what is even more great is that the Lord answers prayers, of two simple missionaries. We made the goal to continue to work towards the standard of the mission again this week...and the first week, the Lord showed unto us that it was possible...but the second time, He gave us some challenges. We had a full week of leadership training and mission tour, which took a lot of our time to travel rather than to spend with the people in our area. But despite our challenges, we still made the effort to do all we could. Everyday we made the effort to find people that the Lord had prepared for us...and He did provide. We gave a lot of time to tracting houses this week...and I have never felt like I have walked so much. But there were always people there. Like last night...we were both praying that the  Lord would help us to find the ones that He has been preparing. And He did...we found a husband and wife that just were so kind and so warmly welcomed us into their home. And in the end of it all, we found out that the mother of the husband, had been a member. But we were also able to touch his heart with the knowledge that God had a plan for him.  And when we had mission tour, it took most of our day. We were almost uncertain that we were going to be able to reach our goal of 6 lessons for the day, because we only had 3 planned lessons....but I know that if we act in faith and trust in the Lord and give all our effort, until we are exhausted....we will find them. I was really grateful to see the power of this work. As much as I have felt that others are judgmental about what we can reach...I feel that the Lord feels the same. If we can not see with the eye of faith and the eternal perspective that we need...we may never reach the sight of the Lord. I am seeing that the Lord has a larger plan, that we must be willing to see...because if not, it will continue to move forward without us. It is like being on a game board that we don't see where the end is...but we must continue to travel through our "turns" and make the best move we can. It may not work out the way we want it to, but we still moved somewhere. Sometimes it is better to continue to move, rather than fear or doubt that if you make a move, there will be bad consequences always. And when you feel that you are doing the same thing over and over never know what those will provide. My companion had a stretch of feeling like she was of no use here...but I tried to help her to understand that her work to plant is one of the most important works. It doesn't matter how many baptisms you have in the end of your mission. You may move from place to place and just feel like you are planting the hot sun. And you never really get the chance to see them grow into the beautiful plants that they have a potential to be. But you left your finger print on them...nothing will ever remove that. I may not have 20+ baptisms in the entire time of my mission...but I know that I have left something behind in the hearts of the people here. I could not ask for a better job than to be a planter :) And I am seeing that this is my job here in Daraga. I may not reap the souls of the people that are here...but I know that  I have done my part and I have fulfilled my part in the Lord's work. This week was a great week to see the worth of souls in the sight of God. No matter if they come in half drunk and unable to speak clearly to you...they are still children of God and they have a part in God's plan. And we have no right to ever doubt that they don't want to know about the gospel. It is sometimes those that are wearing the cigarette designed t-shirt or the ones that smell intoxicated that are waiting to find something that can take all the hurt and pain away. I know that the Lord lives and that He loves each and everyone of us. We just must be willing to see His love for us too.

Sister Pace
Philippines Legazpi Mission
Alma 42: 31

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