Monday, March 17, 2014

March 17, 2014

This week was a good and busy week. We had a Leadership Council about the ways to become master gospel teachers. It was a really great training about the way that the Lord taught. It was a really great time to use our time here in the mission to be effective and efficient in His vineyard. We had  great time teaching the other missionaries and inspiring them to reach for the standard of the mission. We were able to share some really great time with some of our investigators and members and began to see the miracles that the Lord wanted us to see. We had one case where we were teaching a less active and investigator. They live in a very sketchy area--smoking, drinking, and just about every crude thing you could think of. But we were there to teach a lesson about the plan of salvation. And it was so ironic to see things come about. Their father (a less active) was drinking in the house with all his that meant we would need to find another place to share. And at that point there was no where else--except outside....right next to the rail road. So there we were sharing with our investigators amid all the crude actions of these 13 and 14 year olds smoking and dressed unfortunately like the world....and we felt that we were in our own help these investigators (14 and 15 year old) feel the purpose to why they are here. I have never felt so much love from Heavenly Father. He wants each of us to return back to Him...but some of us have forgotten what we are sent here to do. And it is so hard to watch all these people struggle to know what to do, in order to help them. We have seen so many people open up as we strive to share His love with them. We have had drunks, lesbians and everything in between, come with open hearts to order to feel the joy of our Heavenly Father. I know that there is so much that can be found in our message as members, that we should share with others. We are working so hard to do what we can to bless the people here and strengthen them. We of course didn't feel that we had enough time to do everything. But the Lord always bears forth His arm and blesses us to know what miracles He wants to bring forth.  I know that the Lord lives and that He will show forth His power if we are so very willing to act in faith and give Him all that we can. I know that we can firmly give a proclamation to all about His it begins today.
Sister Pace
Philippines Legazpi Mission
Alma 42: 31

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