Monday, April 7, 2014

April 7, 2014

This week was a crazy week filled with meetings, meetings and more meetings! But what great experiences they were. We had a wonderful time at Missionary Leadership Council and really tried to understand more about letting the Lord have place in the work. But it was a time to contemplate the last time I would be working so close with the leaders. We shared everything we learned with the other missionaries in Zone training and found miracles occurring in the lives of the missionaries here. We have been counseled to open our mouths and share the gospel...and so we are making more of an effort to talk with all people. And to see that the Lord is preparing His people for the gospel...we just need to have the faith to talk with all and allow them to feel of the joy that is found in the gospel.
And then we had the opportunity to listen to the leaders of the church in the Women's General Broadcast...I felt so inspired and I loved the messages that they shared. I am so very grateful for all the things that my family has been so great to share with me and help me to accomplish as a daughter of God.
I love the work as a missionary because there are so many great have days that you are sitting on the side of the railroad tracks, trying to teach about the importance of prayer and you are wondering why the Lord hasn't taken control of the evil that is around you....but you realize that it is required in order to see the good that is around you too. I love to know that the Lord loves and trust us that he has given us the power to choose and to feel the guidance that he wants to give us. i have learned so much about the power of agency and the power that is plays....M. Russell Ballard says that we must be " creators of circumstance and not creatures of circumstance." I love that this is a gift that we have to use...but I am sad to see how God's children are using it. 
We had some really great experiences with our investigators as we shared with them and they have felt the influence of the Spirit in their lives...I love to play such a crucial role in their lives, now and in the eternities.
And you have to laugh when you are talking on the street with one of your investigators and you slowly see a crowd gather around you...they didn't think that you spoke Tagalog....and they are so confused and surprised. I love being a missionary :)
And the days when you can take off your shoes and see that you have seriously been burnt too much....because it looks like you are wearing socks always ;P But to  know that the heat is going to die,...but only after you leave the country.
The Church is true...the Book of Mormon is blue and true too... and the word of God shall continue to fill this earth and spill upon the ears of those that are willing to hear...I am grateful that the Lord has given me this opportunity :) For my life shall never be the same! 

Sister Pace
Philippines Legazpi Mission
Alma 42: 31

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