Monday, April 21, 2014

April 21, 2014

Another week down and a lot of things to do. We have had such a great week with all the work. We started the week off with a ward activity and a baptism. It was a great experience and loved being able to work with the members. As the week went we found ourselves traveling to other areas, to assist the sisters and help them in the work. We are finding some struggles but it has been a real teaching and learning opportunity to see the will of the Lord. 
We have had some really great investigators progressing in the gospel...and of course others that are still trying to understand what is the difference between us and their church. The war is on and there is so much that we must do in order to stand for the which is right. I am gaining a larger understanding about the gospel and the things that we must stand up for...there is so much that we tend to over look or forget. And this is what I want to avoid...I am gaining a great respect and desire to live the gospel to the way the Lord would have me. 
I loved being able to celebrate the Easter holiday, again, here in the Philippines. It is always an interesting sight, but it reminds you a lot of the things that must be remembered. The Lord has done so much for us and I love that we have a greater knowledge and understanding that we have a Savior that is no longer dead, but is truly alive. Knowing that we have a living Savior is something that will forever empower me to know that this life is for us to gain all that He has. I hope that we will all take the time to remember the sacrifice that the Lord has made and the opportunity to live beyond the death that may encompass us. 
Great is the work of the spread it among the children of men. The Lord has given us each the power and possibilities to overcome the troubles that encumber us in this life. May we constantly ponder on the things we have gained through our Lord and Savior.

Sister Pace
Philippines Legazpi Mission
Alma 42: 31

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