Monday, January 6, 2014

January 6, 2014

This week was filled with plenty of experiences that have been a great open for a new year :) We began the week in preparation for the celebration of the new year. It is a big celebration here, just as much as Christmas. And the fireworks are as big as the fourth of July....just a little bigger and louder....and illegal. But was a great week of finding people and strengthening our investigators testimonies of the gospel.  My companion and housemates laughed at me, because during the firework show...I was asleep. I didn't get out of bed to see the fireworks...I was too tired. But we had a great experience with mice, rats, or whatever they were. We had something coming in the house and eating food in the trash and then trying to eat through doors. We bought some sticky result. We moved the trash result. And then we had an entire day of no power, which meant no water. So we had a large 60 liter container for water, that we had saved. Unfortunately, one of the Sisters left it open over the night.  This morning while doing laundry...I was fortunate to find a wonderful surprise in the water container. There were our two suspects...the size of my foot...dead....floating in the water container. Yeah...not too sure how I found the power to scoop them out and dispose of them and in the attempt of doing so, there was another suspect caught in the sticky pad. Our apartment is officially the rat and mouse killing apartment. 

We had some really great lessons with some of our investigators this week. Although we have been trying to continue to have people ready for baptism, it has been a challenge. But I am realizing more that missionary work is not so much about just baptizing people, but it is really about leading people to the water...through the right path. We had this occur with one member, whose wife is the Relief Society President. He has a desire to know, but it is through his desire that he must search and study the things that he must do. I am so very grateful for the opportunity to live here and strive everyday to share with others about the gospel. 

Sister Donato and I had a funny experience, but an inspirational one at that. We were walking past a fast food chain, called Jolly Bee. And this Jolly Bee is fancier than the other and has a drive thru. As we were walking by my companion turned to me and said, "Gusto mo ba mag-drive thru?" (would you like to drive thru?) and I said to her, "Pero wala akong kotse!" (But I don't have a car!) and then she did all she could to speak in English....and this is what she said, "But you don't need wheels to be driven." Although her English grammar was wrong, her saying was memorable...and it  inspired us for the rest of the week. I love speaking a different language...there are so many little things to learn.

With the new year we have focused on how we can improve ourselves for this coming we can make resolutions to become better. It has been such a testimony builder to find that the Lord is there to guide and strengthen us in our efforts to become better. And so it has been a challenge that we have sought to give to others. Make resolutions this year that can help us to strive to become better...or to become more like HIM. And I know that it is all possible because of the gospel of Jesus Christ. It is possible because of the Atonement of Jesus Christ. And it is because of the love and guidance of Jesus Christ and Heavenly Father. I know that this new year is an opportunity to become a better person and seek for the understanding of what the LORD desires us to be.

---Sister Pace---

Philippines Legazpi Mission

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