Monday, June 3, 2013

June 3, 2013

Pamilya ko,

oh....where should I start?! This week was a great week...the work was really low and we did not have a lessons...but that is not how we should really measure the success that we have in an area. I felt the most benefits or blessings this week, than any other week that I have had here in Iriga. We had many lessons with less actives, to help them to come to church and return to the gospel. The lessons were really great, because you could feel the Spirit so strongly and there was a commitment to become better. We had a family home evening with the branch on Saturday, and we had invited some of our less actives and some of our grateful I am to the Lord....almost all those that we had invited, came. And so we then committed them to attend church services the following morning. We fasted that the Spirit would bless them and help them to come and listen to the testimonies of the members. I have gained such a strong testimony of fasting....the Lord may not be instant in answering your prayers or your pleas through fasting...but He does answer. We had two of our investigators attend sacrament meeting. And one of our long time less actives attended with her children. It was such a blessing. were so right about the reason why I was sent here. I may not have the opportunity to reap the blessings of being a missionary in the area....but I am playing a crucial role in planting seeds in the hearts of the people that are here. Which leads me to my second note of business. Transfers are this Tuesday...Sister Pace has been transferred to....Tabaco 1C with her new companion Sister Andrada. I will now be in the Philippines Legaspi Mission. It has been a challenge to think of what to expect or how to overcome the fears that come to mind. But I know that Heavenly Father has a plan for me and for the people that I will be assigned to. I may not understand the reason now, why I am being sent to a different mission...but I know that there are still souls that need saving. I don't think I can express enough how grateful I have been for this opportunity that you have blessed me with...without you....I wouldn't be here, to turn to my responsibility and be a righteous servant of the Lord. And how grateful I am to have the opportunity to learn about my Heavenly Father and His plan for His children on glorious it is! So now it is time to look forward to another six weeks...and then we receive another assignment :) There are 16 missions total in the Philippines....and probably many more to open in the future.

My birthday was a good one...time with the people I love the most and doing the thing that I enjoy the most too...the branch was so loving and it was nice to have wonderful birthday wishes. As a district we celebrated today....not too many pictures, but a few. I bought a cake for them and we went out to eat....and then we went to a member's house and had ice cream and played billards. It was a good way to celebrate with my fellow missionaries.

I will try to let you know about my new area next should be an adventure :)
Mahal na mahal kita!!!
Sister Pace


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