Monday, June 10, 2013

June 10, 2013

Kumusta Pamilya,

Maganda and linggong ito! Transfers has been really great…a lot of learning but the transfer has been to a very beautiful area. I am now in Tabaco 1C with Sister Andrada. She is from Rizal, Philippines. She is the oldest of three girls in her family….and she is just a fire ball of energy. But it has been great having the opportunity to work together. I am training Sister Andrada in her second half of the twelve weeks training program. (The Elders were teasing me that I am just the finisher of training…but I have learned a lot from being able to help these sisters in the second half of their training). She is a really great teacher and I have had many blessings through our companionship. Our area covers a large area…or at least right now it seems really large. But we don’t travel around by tricycles like in Sorsogon and Iriga…we travel around by padjacks—they are bicycles with small (when I say small I mean small) sidecar. It has been a fun experience trying to fit me (a large American) and a Pino in one of these….but maybe I will learn. The people here are very kind and loving…I am really excited about the area and I am trying my best to learn the people and the language….because, you guessed it…it’s not Tagalog! There is some Tagalog, but to be able to communicate with a lot of the people here, you have to speak Bicol. So that is one more thing to add on my list of things to learn. The apartment we live in is beautiful. It is a up-down (that is what they call an apartment that has two levels)—the area is great and there is so much to see from our bedroom window (Saging trees or “banana trees”). It is a little difficult in the apartment, because the water pressure is really weak….so for Monday…I had to send my laundry out. We will have to see how to make everything work here J

I don’t have much to write about the work, because we have only had a few days this week to work, because of transfers. But I am really excited about working with the people and helping them to gaining a stronger faith and trust in their Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ. We are striving to reactivate many parents in order to baptize their children and we are striving to understand how to help those who have a Catholic background understand their personal relationship with Heavenly Father. I am learning more about my relationship to Heavenly Father and how much He desires for us to know of His plan for each of us.

As for details on the new mission…The new mission president will do orientations with us on July 4th & 5th. There will be a mission division the week before, but we all know what areas are in each mission…so I will have to update you more as we get closer to the new president coming in. If you look at the email I sent to you about the mission presidents, he is the Philippino. It will be really great to see how everything goes J

I think that is about all that I have for you this week, but I am excited for this next week and I will try to get more pictures for you…I am having trouble getting my pictures to week...

Pero…mahal na mahal kita!!!

Ingat lagi,

Sister Pace

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