Tuesday, May 7, 2013

May 6, 2013

What a crazy week again. I am really learning a lot from this calling as a trainer. And the hard part is feeling so tired from constantly doing something...even on p-day. It was nice this morning to go jogging....but it was a slow jog, because the sisters couldn't keep up with me. My companion is great. She is a wonderful teacher and really great with the people. She is helping me to learn Tagalog, but there always seems to be little time to study.We are working with a lot of the members here. Our difficulty right now is the less actives. We are having the hardest time getting some of them to come back to church. But i have really come to see the sorrow that Heavenly Father has for His children, when they choose not to follow the path that He has given them. We have many less actives that have told us that they do not want us to return...but how great has been the power of he Spirit as we have shared with these LAs the importance of the gospel in their lives...the Spirit works so greatly in our responsibilities as missionaries. I know that the Book of Mormon is a Another Testament of our Savior Jesus Christ. I know that the gospel has once more been established on the earth, through Joseph Smith. I have had the opportunity to share with the people here, and I have gained a greater knowledge and understanding of the importance of the gospel in our lives. As we work with some of our investigators, it is great to see their desire and hope in the gospel. And to know that we are able to give them the happiness that they have always wanted. I thank you so much for the statement that you sent to me weeks ago, when I first arrived in Iriga..."I think you were placed in Iriga to plant a seed into the hearts of those who are ready to hear the gospel, but don't be discouraged if they are not being receptive. Things will happen in the Lord's timeline, not our timeline...we are so anxious to have those fantastic moments, but it's those small moments that add up to become that fantastic moment. We just need to be the Lord's instrument & trust in him to do his work for our fellow brothers & sisters. You are right where you need to be, to be teaching those who may or may not be ready to take that step towards a better life. None of us are perfect & if we were, we wouldn't have need for this gospel...simple & true! We work on our shortcomings every hour, every day, every week, etc...just remember that we are here to help others realize their potential."
There is a reason to why I am here in Iriga...and I realize it little by little each day. I try not to think about the little amount of time that I have in this opportunity...but it is crazy to see the time go by so fast. I am listening to the CES fireside and I love how Elder Walker states about President Thomas S. Monson that He gave himself to everything that the Lord called him to. Not because he was concerned of other's thoughts, but because He knew it was the Lord's way. The Lord truly does call and qualify those that work in His kingdom.

Mahal na Mahal kita!!!

Ingat palagi,

Sister Pace

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