Tuesday, April 30, 2013

April 29, 2013

GrAbE!!! What a week!!!! Transfers were on Tuesday. I stayed in Iriga and I received Sister De Leon as my companion (picture attached).She is from Tarlac, Philippines. Sobra mabait siya! I was so excited to have her as my companion :) I was called as the Senior Companion...it was fun while it lasted...she was teaching me Tagalog and I was teaching her how to become a better missionary....it was such a great combination! And it was so much fun teaching with her, because I knew what she was saying and I knew that we both knew what we were going to teach...
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On Saturday I received a call from President Bliesner. It was a call for an emergency transfer and I was being asked to receive the new companion in my area. So Sister De Leon and I packed her stuff and left the next morning to receive our new companions. My new companion is Sister Tumagoy. She is in the middle of her training. So I went from being a senior companion for four days and then became a trainer in four...so it has been a lot of adjusting to try to train a new sister. Sister Tumagoy is a really great teacher and has the potential to become a great missionary. I am excited to train her...I have already learned so much from being with her :)
This week has been busy with traveling and exchanging companions, so very little appointments. But from the appointments that we have had, there have been some really great miracles and blessings. We had one of our investigators progress in their prayer....it may sound so small...but as it says in the scriptures, "and thus we see that by small means the Lord can bring about great things". It was such a blessing to us to see her pray and I felt the Spirit as we shared with her the Book of Mormon. We also had one of our investigators attend church...she really enjoyed it and the members were really supportive in our work to bring her to the branch.
The weather is hot as usual here...there are a lot of concerns of dehydration among the missionaries and so it has been a goal of mine to avoid it. But it has struck many of the missionaries already. The new batch of missionaries that came in this Tuesday were filled with 18 yr old Elders and 19 yr old Sisters. It is so amazing to see the Lord working in this to bring about the salvation of His people.

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