Tuesday, December 24, 2013

December 23, 2013


Ho Ho Ho...what a week this was :) We had a week filled with many activities for the mission and ward for Christmas. It was a really great way to open the season. We started with a really busy day Tuesday, which resulted in being locked out of our apartment. We had to go stealth style...in skirts. It was a trick of sticking our arms and an umbrella through the window closest to the door and then trying to connect the umbrella to the keys hanging on the back of the door....which was really lucky for us. Until my companion dropped the keys on the floor, behind the door. But Sister Pace came to the rescue with the Gospel of Jesus Christ pamphlet....and saved the keys. haha...it was a very sweet victory to save the day with the gospel :)

As a mission we all met together on Wednesday and shared a wonderful Christmas season with one another, through stories, music and uplifting thoughts. It was really great to meet up with everyone, but was really tiring as we traveled back home. We then fixed ourselves for another party with the ward. It was a great celebration with the members and we had great fun singing and watching the little children play games. 

We also had the great opportunity to have exchanges with several of the sisters this week and share with them about the great work we do as missionaries. It was really great to share time with each of them and help them to find ways to improve their teaching skills and desires to be missionaries in all aspects. 

We have been busy this week trying to prepare two of our investigators for baptism on the 25th. We had interviews with them last night, but one of them was not allowed to come because of her mother....so when she came to tell us, she was crying. It was so hard to see her crying, because she couldn't do what she knew was right. But we are returning to them tomorrow and hoping that she will pass and we will be having a white Christmas.

I hope that you all will enjoy your Christmas and remember the joy that can be found through the birth of our Lord and Savior. It may not be that we receive gifts of great monetary worth...but it is of greater importance that we give gifts from the heart. It was miraculous what the Lord gave us that special night and the blessings that came from above. Now we can use His example to guide us in our thoughts and actions...to bless the lives of others, by giving a little of ourselves. I hope you each have a wonderful Christmas!
---Sister Pace---
Philippines Legazpi Mission


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