Monday, October 21, 2013

October 21, 2013

This week was a really great week. We have been really focusing on building up our hasn't been the easiest process, but we are doing the best that we can. This week has been a process of trying to find new people, contact referrals and increase our teaching pool. There has been many blessings as we have contacted former investigators and felt the Spirit touch each of us, as we shared the principles of the gospel. And to have the opportunity to see the people that the Lord is preparing...maybe not for us, but the missionaries that will be in the same area too. And how much these people (who have been prepared) will recognize you as a servant of the Lord. It makes me want to be better everyday, when I know that there are people that are placed in my path, who can recognize us as the servants and messengers of the Lord. We had a wonderful Family Home Evening with several of our investigators...and there was no electricity. So we taught by candle light :) It was great fun and there was a lot of learning and having a good time. We are excited for one of these investigators, because he will be baptized on November 2nd. He is awesome and has been such a testimony builder to me...He said that after he is baptized, he wants to serve a mission. I know that the Lord has placed him in my path for a reason and how grateful I am for his example. We received a referral from a member last week and had the opportunity to contact them last week...the story is touching... This gentleman lives next to a "Born Again" chapel, but is not devoted to that faith. He has been searching, because he knows there is still something more. When we went to go find him, his cousin in law was talking to us. Brother Bue was out in the field he said. Most of the time when they tell you that, you just have to return another day...but he said that he would go fetch him. We waited and prayed that there would be a good result from this appointment we found ourselves at. When he approached us, you could see that he had been working hard out in the rice fields, but he had such a wonderful smile on his face. We started to talk and he shared with us about his beliefs, and shared with us how he had always seen the missionaries walking to other parts of the area, but never to his house. He knows several of the members that live in the area, but none of them ever really invited him to learn more or gave his name to the missionaries...until now. I don't know why we never went to his house before, or why now we are just starting to share the gospel with him...but I have a feeling that there is  time and a place for everything. And the Lord does prepare people for us to share the gospel with. It makes me want to try so much harder to listen to that Spirit to help me to know who the Lord is preparing for us. But I know that the Lord is doing the same for all members of His Church....I invite each of us to seek for that opportunity to fast and pray for the trust if the Lord, to then share the gospel with them....there will be miracles. We have another wonderful investigator that is "soul searching"....she is trying to find what she knows she needs. The hard part is time and the rest of the world....but we shared with her about the Book of Mormon and she shared with us that she felt the Spirit (not what she called it, but she explained that she felt "something"), when we had shared with her the guidance that the Lord wanted to give to her through the scriptures. We are hoping to help her progress more this coming week :) We had a sad accident happen this last week in the individual got hit and drug by a drunk driver. It was a really scary scene. We were heading home that night about 7:50 pm and I told my companion that we should eat out (not the usual thing that I say, but I said and we went to a restaurant)...but when we were heading home we ran into the police and the entire neighborhood. By the time we got there it was 8:20 pm...the body was still on the ground and people were all over. We are not too sure what happened, but we are certain that there was a reason why we didn't go home at 8 pm...but how sudden death came to that individual, who left a family behind. We are hoping that we can find out more to have the chance to share the gospel with the family and provide some consolation. And hopefully the city will do something about putting lights up in the area....for now, we are taking the long way home, because there are more lights....and speed bumps.
---Sister Pace---
Philippines Legazpi Mission

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