Tuesday, July 16, 2013

July 15, 2013

The update this week is short....we had a lot of work. We worked a lot with our investigators and had some really great lessons. I felt the Spirit very strongly as we shared with one sister about the gospel of Jesus Christ. We are teaching her about the right authority...there is something difficult in people understanding that you need the right authority in all things. But I know that there may not be fruit from our efforts with her, now...but there will be later down the road. I am understanding so much more about people and their agency and the reality that it plays into all that we are doing as missionaries. I wish some days to really help people use their agency to choose the right...always. But Heavenly Father loves them all to much to force them...and so I shall continue forward in faith...in the will of the Lord, knowing that as long as I give the effort to share with all....there will be a time and place for all of them. We had a really great lesson with an investigator, who we contacted on the street. She is interested in learning more about Jesus Christ (our perfect opportunity to jump in!) and so we have shared with her about the Restoration....she was like a sponge....and she had questions for us...and it was just so much fun teaching her :P some days... I think I enjoy this missionary work too much (Alma 26:35).

We are hoping to find a way to work more with the members, especially now that we have 8 missionaries called to one branch. We have a lot of work to do and I know that there is a reason for all things. I am hoping with my new trainee that we will be able to find those that the Lord has prepared for us. I am still learning everyday how to become a better missionary....and I hope to accomplish that someday...siguro yung last day ko sa mission. But I have learned so much from the opportunity to train Sister Andrada....there is so much to say about a companionship...everything that we do as a missionary, begins with the person that you are around 24/7....what a blessing it is if you lean upon the Lord and seek to learn from the person He has chosen for you to serve with. I hope that this next trainee will be ready for one of the best transfers :) Hope you all have a great week :)

Mahal na mahal kita!!

Sister Pace

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