Wednesday, December 5, 2012

November 26, 2012

I am sorry if it is a lot of information as from the small amount I give you in the emails. I just felt like I needed to share it with you and I hope that you enjoyed it. And the greatest part is that you can feel the Spirit as strong as I do here, in your attendance to church, partaking of the sacrament and attending the temple, literally is a promised blessing that our Heavenly Father wants to give to each of us. However the conditions vary for each person and their reliance, diligence, faithfulness, obedience, etc., to the Lord. But I know that you will receive a witness that this is true :) I am doing well personally. The last couple of weeks was rough and I was really trying to figure somethings out, because I just didn't feel like I had what it could take to do this. But as I have decided to rely on the Lord and take my weaknesses to Him and ask Him for strength and guidance, I have found my prayers to be answered...sometimes slowly and sometimes immediately. But I have started to find the way in which the Lord wants me to turn to Him and rely on Him in all that I do. It is not simply when I feel like I should go on my knees and pray to Him, but it is at all times. I am slowly learning how to rely on my Heavenly Father...because as you know I have a hard time turning to others and relying completely on them for everything (granted I did that with you...but talking about now when  I have the ability and agency to chose soley for myself). And through this reliance, I have learned much about myself and about my Savior. I have a feeling that the glasses was a lesson for my to learn and it has opened a braoder perspective to what the Lord would have me to do. I know that it probably sounds clique, that I relate everything to the Gospel....but without Heavenly Father and the gospel, none of this would exist....there is a reason and a ryhmn to everything. And I feel that the glasses was just the beginning of helping me to see things spiritually and not only physically. However....the glasses make life so much more exciting because I can actually see things. This week has been really great. The same schedule for everything, but more to learn and more to prepare before we leave. I have been placed in the position as the senior have learned a lot about myself and about the type of leader I need to be....and I was praying and asking Heavenly Father to help me to know how I could be a better leader for my companions and it was interesting to see how He answered it through a devotional talk the next night. It has been great striving to overcome my natural man and becoming better everyday. Thanksgiving at the MTC was absolutely wonderful. There was just so much wonderful things that were going on and learning about gratitude and others. Jeffrey R. Holland spoke to us (along with his wife) was amazing. He talked about the things we shoudl be grateful for and the life that we have been given in this last dispensation. And then our service project was putting together school supplies and medical supplies for a village in Mali, Africa. It was a wonderful expereince and I enjoyed it so much.

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