Monday, December 17, 2012

December 17, 2012

Kumusta po kayo!
The Philippines is great! It has been a large adjustment for me with
the humidity. But I have loved it so much thus far. I arrived in Naga
after a delayed flight and then we had our introductions and then a
three hour drive to one of the farthest areas. I am assigned to
Sorsogon. My companion is Sister Carrasca...She is absolutely
wonderful. She is a native Philippino and just absolutely loving and
kind. There is so much I want to share with you, so let's hope that I
can get it all out.
The flight into Hong Kong was a long one...LA to Hong Kong, one of the
longest flights ever....and not something I am looking forward to. I
tried to sleep, but with the long flight it was on and off. It was
different to not know what day it was or where you were. I got a
couple of chances to look out the window and see the lights of Korea.
But all together it was good. After the flight to Hong Kong, we then
got onto a flight to Manila. After the flight to Manila, this is where
we broke off to our respective missions. It was only sister Placido
and I. The stay in Manila with her, ended up being more of an
adventure than I wanted, but that is a whole other story.
Once we got to Manila, our flight was changed and confused and we
finally made it to the airport to only wait for another 1 hour and a
half for our flight. And then we arrived in Naga. The sights are so
beautiful here. It was a interesting to see the different sights here
in the Philippines. My mission president and his wife are so great and
I am really excited to be serving out here. They however will only be
in the mission until June. They also told me that I am the only
foreign (American) sister, but that will be changing with all the new
sisters coming in a few months.
After traveling some more to my designated area, we took the rest of
the night to prepare for the next day. The first day out was fun. We
had our district meeting...and I got introduced to the other
missionaries in the area. They are all really nice and understanding
to my lack of Tagalog. The language has been something else....I
learned Tagalog, but they speak Bicol here. It is a really beautiful
language, but I am first required to learn Tagalog. I have had my
share of days that are not so well in the language and others where I
do okay. It is all just going to take some patience and practice. I
have been told that I have one of the best areas. My first proselyting
day, we had a baptism of Antonio Perete. It was wonderful. we also
have four others that are going to be baptized this week. I love the
people is so touching to see these people in the gospel.
They are so dedicated when they have very little to give. Antinio for
example lives very far from the church building, yet he wakes up
extremely early in the morning to walk over to the church building
early. And the same with an 11 year old boy who lives far away...he
walked to the church building to make it there by 7am. And church
doesn't even start until 9am. I am very sad that I am not able to
completely understand everything that the people are saying to me, but
I love their patience and willingness to help me. We also had the
primary children perform this was great to hear them sing
the primary songs and to show their dedication to their Heavenly

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