Monday, November 25, 2013

November 25, 2013

What a week! It has been a really great week. We had transfers and there were a lot of changes made. I am currently in Daraga. Pretty much city and close to the center of our mission. My companion now is Sister Donato. She is awesome and we are just loving our companionship, even though it has only been a week. oh yeah....and I have been called as one of the newest Sister Training Leaders. What a transition in everything. It has been a really great learning experience to be with another senior...we have learned a lot from one another and we are always working to support the area. We had some really great experiences and I am having a great time trying to learn a bunch of new faces and areas.....but I am loving it all.Today is Thanksgiving for you....yeah...there is no Thanksgiving here...but we may celebrate it later tonight :P It has been really great here and I feel that I am learning so much about the gospel and the language and everything.
---Sister Pace---
Philippines Legazpi Mission


Sis. Pace & Sis. Donato


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