Monday, August 12, 2013

August 12, 2013

This week was a really great week of learning. We had some really great lessons with our investigators. The progress is slow with them, but there is progress still. We had a larger focus on our less actives this week and we had some really good reactions from the members, so we are hoping to have some action take place in the lives of these less actives. We had some really great OYM (open your mouth) and I was really excited to return back to these people. I am understanding so much more about the importance of God's children and the role that I play as a missionary. And I am so grateful for the knowledge of the gospel...without it, I would not feel that I knew where I was going and what my purpose is on earth. I am trying so much harder to give all that I can to these people...because my time is coming to a close quicker than I thought. I try harder and harder everyday to speak to as many people as I can...or think that I can. I have to think again sometimes, because I don't know the Bicol here...but I am slowly making progress. We have some great potential this next week and I know that there are people being prepared for us. I am sorry that this weeks update is a little short and not full of too much. But I want to leave this with a thought. The Lord gives us challenges for a reason. We may not always understand or know why the Lord has chosen us. But I have come to a great understanding of why. I was thinking that there is not going to be much of me left after some of these experiences, because I am trying to give myself as much as possible. But I realized that that is exactly what the Lord is expecting of us. He doesn't want  us...He wants to change us to be like Him (Alma 5:19). I thought of that before...but how do we do that? We have to turn ourselves over to Him (Mosiah 3:19; Ether 12:27). There are many days that will turn us into  weak and unable....but that is when the Lord is able to make us into the strongest (D&C 24:12). I know that there is a great deal to be done in this life and through the love of God, all is possible :)

---Sister Pace---
Philippines Legazpi Mission

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