Wednesday, January 30, 2013

January 27, 2013

Nanay ko,
This week was great! This week was filled with a lot of lessons. We also had a church tour, to encourage investigators and members to come to church. We had a good turn out and there was definitely a lot of work put into it, by the members. We also had the baptism of Jasmine and Bernadette. They were both so excited to finally be baptized and we are happy to have them as members of the branch. We have a lot of investigators, but we are struggling to have any of them keep their commitments and act upon their beliefs. The area that we are over has many members...but the problem is that they are all consider LA (less active) because they do not attend church or they have not gone to the temple yet. It is definitely a struggle and we are working with a lot of the RC (recent converts) to keep them at church. Many of the LA are also members that have gone on missions or have served in high callings...and for one reason or another, have left the church and want nothing more to do with it. It is definitely sad to see, but it is even harder to understand and I am trying to figure out what I can do as a missionary to help these people.

I am feeling better about the language. I wouldn't say that I understand any of it better than I did the week before, but my understanding has been enlightened on what I can do. I was thinking a lot about understanding and as I was praying and studying and fasting, I gained more understanding about understanding. I was enlightened on what I can be and become. I know that the Lord will give me understanding through His Spirit and through Him, will I gain greater understanding. I may not understand the language any better than I did before, but through the Lord I will gain greater understanding of what I need to know--the needs/concerns of those that my companion and I are teaching, the language, etc. I am relying on the Spirit as much as I possibly can. And part of my responsibility is to review my work and see what I am doing and what I can do better. I like to refer it to that experience of which our Savior had experienced. His time on earth was not that which was the easiest. There was much struggling and trials that came to Him. But how great was the blessing that He gave to the children of men. Our loving Heavenly Father did not make it easy for His son...then how could I expect that my time would be easy? I am trying to be the missionary that he needs me to be and I am trying. I spoke to the mission president about it and he said that I am doing well. Some food for thought (brought to my attention by my companion): we have only had two weeks, out of 8 weeks, that we have not met the mission standard of excellence. This Standard of Excellence contains 8 am lessons/wk, 30 lessons/wk, etc. Even on Christmas week we made the standard...this is very difficult. President Blienser has complemented us on our work and efforts.There is something that I am doing right :) It has surprised many that we have done this every week, especially with me being so new to the mission

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