Tuesday, October 23, 2012

October 23, 2012

Well...this week was rough. As I expected it was going to be, but wow it hit hard. It has been going great here, at the MTC, but there is just so much going on around you and you have so much to worry about and it all is thrown at you at once...but the great part is when you start a new week, go to the temple and get to have a day to prepare yourself for the next day. The language had not been one of my favorite things to do...in fact, it is one of the most difficult things I have encountered up here. But I can face the challenge as long as I trust that the Lord will help me. Which by the way....that has helped a ton. The other part is having two companions...I feel that the Lord has given me the challenge to have two companions that are absolutely contrary of one another. It has definitely tried me, but I have learned more about myself and what the Lord wants me to be. We have learned a lot about serving the people we are teaching and how to share the gospel. It just makes me so excited to go out...of course if I were talking English ;P But the Tagalog is going to take some time to learn. I am loving the MTC and I am excited for all those that will be reporting here over the next couple of months....they are going to love it. I love the Lord and I love the gospel...there is so much joy and happiness to be found in it!!!

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